How justice really works

Some guy, he’s name does not matter that much, helps uncover a rape case in which a group of highschool footbal players abuse an uncounscious girl. He gets his hands on the incriminating video by hacking, the only way one could obtain that video and use it as proof.

And for that he is charged with four felony counts of hacking and is subject to a federal trial that could “award him” with up to 16 years in jail for exposing a crime. While he is prosecuted the rapists are free of any charges.

At the same time a lot of law enforcement agencies use the exact same practice and methods to gather evidence. The Hacking Team contracts and tools are proof enough of such practices from law enforcement agencies.

However, when law enforcement does it it’s not a felony, but it becomes a felony for folks like me and you who can’t afford the luxury of wearing a badge while hacking a criminal with the sole scope of gathering proof.

Moreover this proves that not only is the justice system discretionary but also protective enough to consider rape less important than hacking.