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[Case Study] Hacking the funnels (part 1)

After my first case study here’s the second one which was set as a draft for a while. I’ve been lurking around internet marketing forums for years and I even signed up with marketing networks with the intention to become one of them one day, but I was too busy with other matters of upmost importance

Autumn offer from SMThemes

The ink didn’t even get to dry on the last article I wrote about that I apparently need to write another one since they just sent me this email with a 50% discount offer for their yearly membership: We just wanted to let you know that next 4 days we offer all our products for

.co domains at $2.99 from has just introduced it’s end of summer promotion and provides .co domain registrations with 90% discount: The promotion is limited to 5 domains per customer and does not include premium domains, transfers or renewals. Besides this they got a bunch of additional offers listed on their Deals page.

Best, free, intrusive and Windows only

I happen to know a bunch of people that don’t spend money on software, even if we’re talking antivirus programs and who frankly don’t like spending money on anything computer related unless it’s really necessary for them to work with. Even their Windows is OEM so they didn’t actually think they paid for it. All