Porkbun is the worst registrar ever

Over the years I’ve had domains registered with various registrars and I still have domains with like 5-6 registrars because it’s almost impossible to consolidate them into one. Some don’t offer country specific TLD’s like .ro or .es and some offer those, but for three times the actual price. So at some point I decided

Why IPv6 will probably fail

Although, imho it has already failed. IPv6 was invented to help us resolve the exhaustion of IPv4 which has already occurred in North America and Europe, however, although IPv6 (backup) was launched in 1995 it hasn’t taken off yet, and its adoption has been slow. Why is the adoption slow? Well foremost because at least

Long time no blog

It’s been quite a while since I posted something here and it wasn’t because there aren’t any cool topics to post or to comment or because I have not done anything interesting in order to jot down some tutorials, but actually due to lack of motivation to write. We’ve been through some fairly rough years

Increase session timeout in phpList

I love working with phpList and I only hate two things about it: The 90’s interface The session timeout Basically, with phpList, you can’t even pour a cup of tea without your session timing out. As this was very inconvenient, especially for a person that uses phpList daily and needs it open throughout the day

My Public Snippets

Since I got my hands on a cool domain I decided to make all my snippets public. I went for a pretty basic WordPress instead of Github’s Gists or Gitlab’s Snippets because I hate them both. There is no way to keep things clean and organized so it’s fairly useless to keep a stash of