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A new project

Let me tell you a little bit about how I ended up investing some resources in a project I didn’t plan before. Two days ago I found in my feed a post from a forum where some user was giving a link to a dirt cheap domain + hosting offer launched by some Spanish provider.

Basic security tips for Sentora

It’s pretty common for people to consider Sentora as an insecure control panel just based on the fact that it runs on port 80 while other panels run a separate webserver and thus use a different port. However, running a separate webserver for the control panel only has it’s cost and that cost is taken

Full Path Disclosure from Kaspersky

If you’d go now to the Kaspersky Cybermap website from a country other than an English speaking one, you would be prompted with a PHP notice and a PHP warning which cause a full path disclosure on Kaspersky’s website: Apparently the cybermap script is supposed to pull the verbiage related with languages other than English