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Some things about Linux

I was asked a while back by someone to share my opinion on Linux and knowing that the person asking me this wasn’t well versed with Linux and didn’t have much of an experience with it I said that Linux isn’t the best choice. At least not always. I did that because personally I have

Weekly recommended links

I am going to start off with a series of link recommendations as what I find a good read needs to be shared: Documentation: Linux vs. FreeBSD (a case study) A praise for hackers The sad state of Romanian blogs The inventor that hacked the dictatorship 75% of Bluetooth smart locks can be hacked Apache

BlackArch Linux

While reading through my feed I came across a post from RedesZone which speaks about the latest release of BlackArch Linux. As it seems BlackArch is a pentesting distro built on top of Arch Linux and it’s main advantage is the bundle of over 1500 tools for security professionals. The complete list of tools can

And so it begins…

I’ve had this domain name for a while now and lately it’s just been catching dust so I decided to do something about it and I turned in a personal blog where I won’t teach you how to hack Nasa or anything similar (because I don’t know how), but actually how to fix common issues