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Some small talk on politics

I see a lot of people intrigued by the fact that Donald Trump had surrounded himself with millionaires and filled his cabinet with CEO’s and such, but fellas this is what capitalism is about. If you take a man, the best man for the job and put him in a high ranking position just because

There’s no war in dating

There’s a place where Russia and Ukraine will always get along despite the political differences and the war they are engaged in nowadays. And that place is the dating sites and mail-order bride sites:  Anyhow, them babes look great, but to be honest I was pretty intrigued by this site’s hookup line…

Misinterpreting the words

Out of all people the journalists have the capability to misinterpret one’s words and turn them around so they can create a killer headline out of them. Following a discussion in which Trumps irresponsible attitude towards the supposed Russian hack behind the Clinton and DNC email leaks was debated, the folks over at Washington Post