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The online El Dorado

I’ve been lurking some forums for years and I’ve seen all sorts of people, websites and projects come and go. The majority of those willing to start an online project are motivated by the fact that others could do it and after doing it they are living a fancy life financed only by a handful

[Case Study] Setting up an illegal streaming site #2

Just as I mentioned in the first part of this case study I’ve been documenting the whole process of setting up a nearly bulletproof illegal streaming site and I’m going to provide you with my findings below (for educational purposes only, just as before). So let’s start with the beginning and list out the resources one

Yearly payments for VPS

The VPS plans have gotten so cheap nowadays that I’ve been seeing more and more providers going for yearly pricing on low-end VPS offers. On one hand selling a low-end VPS at yearly rates is justified by the fact that it’s too much of a hassle to setup VPS’s that are less than $5/month on a monthly

Hosting for the DeepWeb? Yessir

Just as most of the DeepWeb service providers those that advertise selling servers to be used on the DeepWeb invoke the freedom of speech when doing so. The pricing for the servers (which appear to be VPS) is fairly cheap and this doubts the privacy level these folks can offer. The funny thing about their