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The forums deserve to die

There was a time, about 10 years back when the forums were very popular. In fact I believe that 10 years ago the forums were as popular as blogs are nowadays. Everyone wanted to have a forum, but only a few mastered the art of getting tons of people together on a discussion board using phpBB,

A new trend in SEO, I meant spam

Since Google’s ban hammer becomes more and more effective a lot of people have started to understand that spamming the crap out of your site even using a tiered structure isn’t enough for ranking as you need good links from decent sites. So some folks thought that it would be a good idea to contact

Some small talk on politics

I see a lot of people intrigued by the fact that Donald Trump had surrounded himself with millionaires and filled his cabinet with CEO’s and such, but fellas this is what capitalism is about. If you take a man, the best man for the job and put him in a high ranking position just because

Amazon killed the supermarket

This year in early February I had learned that Amazon introduced a new category where it was providing it’s customers with stuff you can buy off the shelves at your local supermarket such as drinks, canned food and ingredients. It was a great idea and a very good way to do your shopping for most

eBay went fully retarded nowadays

By being a Spanish resident I created my eBay account using my local address given the fact that eBay’s expansion in Eastern Europe hasn’t been a subject since god knows when so we never had the opportunity to open eBay accounts from Romania on a Romanian eBay site. The problem with the Spanish site, both