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Simply amazing

Probably the best hacking scene in the entire history of TV: I never thought Castle could produce lamer hacking scenes than NCIS, but there you go, you can’t deny it.    

Idiots everywhere

So, a guy decides to sell his business website including the rights to the software he was selling there and posts on a forum that has a market place for this type of business. To justify the asking price he gives some Paypal screenshots that show the names of the people and companies that purchased

The best use of VR gadgets so far?

After reviewing the volume of content available for VR goggles I strongly believe that the best use of VR gadgets is described by the picture below: VR is changing porn and the way content is produced and this change happens faster than anyone thinks or expected. POV (point of view) scenes will now become as

Best, free, intrusive and Windows only

I happen to know a bunch of people that don’t spend money on software, even if we’re talking antivirus programs and who frankly don’t like spending money on anything computer related unless it’s really necessary for them to work with. Even their Windows is OEM so they didn’t actually think they paid for it. All

There’s no war in dating

There’s a place where Russia and Ukraine will always get along despite the political differences and the war they are engaged in nowadays. And that place is the dating sites and mail-order bride sites:  Anyhow, them babes look great, but to be honest I was pretty intrigued by this site’s hookup line…