The best use of VR gadgets so far?

After reviewing the volume of content available for VR goggles I strongly believe that the best use of VR gadgets is described by the picture below:


VR is changing porn and the way content is produced and this change happens faster than anyone thinks or expected. POV (point of view) scenes will now become as real as it gets and fapping will never be the same.

The good thing is that VR starts to make porn appeal to misses just as well as it does to gentlemen and this is huge, because there’s a major market share that wasn’t explored until now simply because for most content producers it was hard to understand.

Some of the best producers of VR porn are the folks at BaDoinkVR who already have 70+ VR scenes shot and who are rapidly adding more content each day. On top of that, a newly launched service by VR Ballers seems pretty much promising especially since it offers Ultra 4K videos.

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