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[Script] Block bad referrers in vestaCP

One of the nastiest problems when it comes to webserver resource and bandwidth usage is represented by the bad referrers which associate with a series of artificial queries from various hostnames that spam the crap out of the webserver and statistical logs. Because the accuracy of the statistical traffic reports is highly influenced by such

Recommended Links #8

I know it’s been a while since my last recommendations, but here’s a new batch: Learn Redis the hard way (in production); The arrival of AI; VPN’s are a solution to a privacy concern; PHP 7.2 deprecations; Stop using device breakpoints!; 12 useful hacks for Javascript; Malware infection rate is soaring on smartphones; Preload, prefetch

Bulk downloads using wget

I recently had to download a lot of ZIP files¬†(14848) ¬†that were in a txt file and which although they had the same directory path couldn’t have been downloaded using recursive wget because the server had the directory indexes disabled and trying to pull with recursive wget resulted in a 403 forbidden error. So I