Technology shorts #1 03/05/2024

Homelab enthusiasts like me debate the worst mistakes they’ve made along their journey so far. Windows users have been a target for ongoing attacks originating from Russian APTs and it seems that the situation is so dire that Microsoft had to issue a warning On the FreeBSD Foundation website you can find a case study

Bloggers’ Sale from Namecheap

During the week of 7th of May and 13th of May Namecheap has prepared a lot of deals for bloggers like me and you. Save up to 97% in Bloggers’ Week Choose the perfect home for your blog. Launch your blog or website in minutes on the world’s most popular platform. Powerful, sophisticated, and adaptable,

[Tutorials] Bypass those lame content lockers

I truly hate content lockers that have you do something in order to be able to access a page just so that those providing the stuff you’re accessing can build up email lists to spam the crap out of them or get more likes/shares on social media sites. A large volume of the content provided

Recommended Links #8

I know it’s been a while since my last recommendations, but here’s a new batch: Learn Redis the hard way (in production); The arrival of AI; VPN’s are a solution to a privacy concern; PHP 7.2 deprecations; Stop using device breakpoints!; 12 useful hacks for Javascript; Malware infection rate is soaring on smartphones; Preload, prefetch