Most people don’t really care

While reading an article on Ars Technica about the fact that 20 hotel chains were hacked and credit card data was exposed I remembered about a local case I came across a while back with a small rural hotel where the reservation system was using an old PHP form to submit the reservation data via

Public geolocation is a threat

I wrote an article a while back on Securitate Informatica [RO] detailing how the exif data of a picture taken with a mobile device could expose the location and other sensitive data about someone and most importantly how risky all this information actually is. Unfortunately, these claims I made back then were proven justified as

The density of connected devices

An imgur user created a map of all the devices connected to the internet by sending an ICMP Echo request, collecting the responses and mapping the active IPs using Python and here it is: The mind behind this map and the idea to make it is John Matherly, founder of the Shodan search engine and I must

The end of an era?

The folks over at Torrent Freak speak of “the end of an era” after announced that they are closing down after 13 years online and they are just about right on the topic, not only in what concerns, but torrenting in general. With the ongoing battle and witch hunt against TPB, the ongoing

Let’s Encrypt came too late

When I first heard about Let’s Encrypt I was pretty skeptical simply because I didn’t think someone could offer for free what Comodo and many others were offering for at least $50 a year without any backfires. And if the unfair competition perfectly patented before by companies like Microsoft would have been the least of