Get curated digital resources for free

A while back I stumbled upon a deal from a site called ByPeople and after purchasing what I needed I didn’t give much attention to this site until today when I checked out their deals (given that everyone has Halloween deals) and noticed that the folks at ByPeople have built a quite interesting website which provides all of us with curated list of hand picked free and premium resources:


Basically anyone can sign up and submit resources to existing collections or create their own collection. The good part of this way of doing things isn’t the curation itself, but the fact that the submissions also include premium content released under the GPL license and compared to GPLDL at ByPeople the content is organized on a theme based system and the downloads are unlimited.

Another advantage of ByPeople over any other similar system is the fact that they don’t provide just WordPress themes and plugins, but also jQuery plugins, PHP scripts, fonts, icons, vectors and any digital media you can think of.