Domainmonster goes off the grid

I got this email from them the other day and as it seems they will be disappearing as a brand as they’ve been integrated completely into the mother company:

Dear Malin,

Upcoming changes to

Within the next 48 hours, the website will be closing. Visitors will be redirected to This is because is becoming a part of 123 Reg.

As an existing customer there is no need to be alarmed; all of your existing Domain Names will remain in your account – there will be no changes to any of your settings and everything will be exactly as you left it. You can also continue to purchase new domains through your Control Panel or click through the link on the 123 Reg landing page.

For all the existing and new products you purchase from, you will continue to be supported by the service teams. New purchases from 123 Reg will be supported by the 123 Reg service teams. and 123 Reg are brands both belonging to the same group. This means that the same high-quality dedicated staff will be working on your account at 123 Reg, so you will still receive the superior level of performance and service you are used to from

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change in the meantime, you can contact us by email – we’re always happy to help.

Kind regards,
The Domainmonster Team

I only feel sorry for the website design they had as they were pretty classy with their designs and graphics compared to most of the competition they had.