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Deactivate the “Debug” NOW

I was looking through the source of one of the WordPress sites I own the other day and made a rather curious discovery. Apparently W3 Total Cache (a plugin I only use on two sites as it works better with Memcached) had “Debug” turned on for all types of caching and was printing as HTML

Setup mailcow with Let’s Encrypt

A while back, while searching for a good mail server suite I came across mailcow which was built based on the following open source software: Postfix Dovecot Nginx/Apache2 Spamassassin ClamAV MariaDB/MySQL OpenDKIM Roundcube SabreDAV Given that the suite looked promising and that the screenshots convinced me that it had a modern interface I decided to

phpMyVideoBlog & PHP 7

phpMyVideoBlog (MVB) is one of those commercial scripts that are heavily maintained one year and the next their development goes to a complete halt and although you buy the script, your only hope for support is their forum system, where the developer does reply from time to time. According to their release notes, the latest plugin

Self hosted Git service with Gogs

I’ve been searching for a solution for private repositories that would not assume paying Github. It was not the money that represented an issue, but actually the security as I wanted it to be more internal and private, while Github was after all subject to a password reuse attack, because if they know it’s public

Do you worry about spam?

No? Well you should! Let’s talk a little bit about the most common website spam issues and how to actually prevent or resolve them. Every once in a while I get work order requests from customers on a shared hosting environment that all of a sudden are exceeding their resource usage allowance and this either