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Bloggers’ Sale from Namecheap

During the week of 7th of May and 13th of May Namecheap has prepared a lot of deals for bloggers like me and you. Save up to 97% in Bloggers’ Week Choose the perfect home for your blog. Launch your blog or website in minutes on the world’s most popular platform. Powerful, sophisticated, and adaptable,

Google opensource’d Guetzli

Earlier this week the folks at Google published a blog post announcing that they’ve decoded to opensource Guetzli, their JPEG encoder which supposedly is much better than anything else available. The scope of this release was to help webmasters compress their images better so that they have less impact over the page loading time. Besides

Autumn offer from SMThemes

The ink didn’t even get to dry on the last article I wrote about that I apparently need to write another one since they just sent me this email with a 50% discount offer for their yearly membership: We just wanted to let you know that next 4 days we offer all our products for

Yearly payments for VPS

The VPS plans have gotten so cheap nowadays that I’ve been seeing more and more providers going for yearly pricing on low-end VPS offers. On one hand selling a low-end VPS at yearly rates is justified by the fact that it’s too much of a hassle to setup VPS’s that are less than $5/month on a monthly