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Idiots everywhere

So, a guy decides to sell his business website including the rights to the software he was selling there and posts on a forum that has a market place for this type of business. To justify the asking price he gives some Paypal screenshots that show the names of the people and companies that purchased

Idiots everywhere

Here’s two stories that will make you laugh until your balls hurt: BBC detector vans are back: The folks over at BBC have announced that they have upgraded their detector vans and will use them to spy on everyone in order to determine who users their iPlayer without a license. Well going out public on

Misinterpreting the words

Out of all people the journalists have the capability to misinterpret one’s words and turn them around so they can create a killer headline out of them. Following a discussion in which Trumps irresponsible attitude towards the supposed Russian hack behind the Clinton and DNC email leaks was debated, the folks over at Washington Post