Idiots everywhere

Here’s two stories that will make you laugh until your balls hurt:

  1. BBC detector vans are back: The folks over at BBC have announced that they have upgraded their detector vans and will use them to spy on everyone in order to determine who users their iPlayer without a license. Well going out public on this is stupid for two reasons. The first one is that spying without a warrant means breaking the privacy laws. Secondly saying that you have a way to spoof encrypted WiFi packets when nobody actually does have an effective way to do that is plain lame. But in the end going public about this isn’t a felony unless it’s proven that it did happen and people that aren’t smart enough to notice the media intoxication will just comply over fears of being proven guilty.
  2. Uganda’s moral police invested $88k into a porn detection machine: ¬†OK! OK! I know that this sounds like coming from the klingon empire, but it’s for real just like the Spanish government intentions are. Now who in the entire world would have imagined that in one of the poorest countries in the world with a lame health and public protection system the main priority would be to build a machine that can detect porn on citizen owned devices so that the police can then crack down on porn which is considered immoral? Nobody? OK then. Needles to say they are now looking for money to buy a cancer detection machine and hope for charity in this case.

Well that’s about it for today. If I happen to find more examples of pure stupidity I will not hesitate to let you know about them.