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History proved them true

Gizmodo published this week a post displaying a series of horrific post WWII posters that aimed to fight against socialist/communist propaganda and here’s a sample below: The full gallery can be found on Gizmodo. Sadly enough, most of the claims within these posters were proven to be correct judging by the history and current economic

Misinterpreting the words

Out of all people the journalists have the capability to misinterpret one’s words and turn them around so they can create a killer headline out of them. Following a discussion in which Trumps irresponsible attitude towards the supposed Russian hack behind the Clinton and DNC email leaks was debated, the folks over at Washington Post

TV & Reality (#1)

The newest TV series are full of bullshit when it comes to technology and the use of devices. For instance in NCSI Tim McGee was once doing traceroutes and directory listings under MSDOS and for the rest of the world he was “hacking” some other agency or a suspects PC. In CSI Cyber, probably the

It’s all about the money

It’s no secret that IT security is a business, a profitable one for some major players, however this does not justify the need to apply intrusive expiration notices roughly two weeks before the expiration: Over the past 4 hours Kaspersky had sent me 3 notices already informing me that my license is going to expire

Public geolocation is a threat

I wrote an article a while back on Securitate Informatica [RO] detailing how the exif data of a picture taken with a mobile device could expose the location and other sensitive data about someone and most importantly how risky all this information actually is. Unfortunately, these claims I made back then were proven justified as