A new trend in SEO, I meant spam

Since Google’s ban hammer becomes more and more effective a lot of people have started to understand that spamming the crap out of your site even using a tiered structure isn’t enough for ranking as you need good links from decent sites.

So some folks thought that it would be a good idea to contact webmasters of actual quality sites, like this one and ask them to revise older articles in order to link back to their websites through those articles and obviously to offer those links as reference, although there was never the case of referencing their crap.

Well maybe contacting webmasters like this isn’t quite a bad idea, still spamming them every weak to send a “reminder” is nothing but spam. If you’re ignored the first time you’re bound to be ignored any other time.

But hey, this is how we roll. Folks that have gotten used to spamming the crap out of the Internet will find a way to continue spamming, one way or another.