A new project

Let me tell you a little bit about how I ended up investing some resources in a project I didn’t plan before.

Two days ago I found in my feed a post from a forum where some user was giving a link to a dirt cheap domain + hosting offer launched by some Spanish provider.

I knew the company in question was referenced before on the same forum and that there was fairly good feedback about it and at a price of 0.99€ for a domain registration and 1 year’s worth of shared hosting (usually 35.88€ per year) I couldn’t ask for much or risk loosing much.

So I did a bit of brainstorming and came up with an idea for a blog which describes the life as an expat in Mallorca. After ordering the plan and getting it activated (which was pretty smooth by the way) the ideas for this project started to come to me so I threw a WordPress site and started building the blog on top of a theme I got from Themify.

As you probably imagine, I have a large volume of experiences to share on that blog and as time allows I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

And since I’ve mentioned the offer and the service let me tell you a little bit about Cowabi, the Spanish provider just in case you ever consider using it:

  • The server where my account is hosted is in Germany, not Spain as I was expecting. But, when you get a domain and hosting at the price of an IP address you don’t mind about the location;
  • They are using Plesk (not cPanel as I expected) and they provide automated installer for WordPress (and some other scripts) along with multiversion PHP support (yes they have PHP 7 too) and also Let’s Encrypt;
  • For some reason the nameservers weren’t updated automatically when the domain was registered and attempting to change the nameservers via the WHMCS didn’t have any effect. I opened a ticket with them and they responded to it confirming that they had setup the nameservers already and as it seems they prefer routing your traffic through Cloudflare;
  • So far the service has been stable and there does not seem to be much load on the webserver;
  • They don’t provide you with access to the auth code within the WHMCS so if you decide to transfer the domain out you’ll need to contact them and they will probably try to make you an offer to stay.

That’s pretty much about it. Wish me luck!