That moment when…

…a common sense worldwide cause becomes a personal vendetta!

I’ve been a fan of the Wikileaks ever since it’s launch and considered it as a reference movement for our times.

However the statements made by Julian Assange lately have left a really bad taste, given the fact that nearly everything he said about the latest releases sounded like he’s been fulfilling some form of personal vendetta against Hillary Clinton and the pre-launch announcements seemed to sound more like extortion attempts and not some responsible statements.

Now that the American elections are one month away and Assange has published pretty much all he could find against Hillary it appears that he found another enemy and is threatening Google.

And to be honest I find this pretty difficult to understand (and I’m not the only one) because in the past, when Wikileaks started publishing stuff there was no prior notice, there were no threats and absolutely no suggestions of extortion attempts. About 5-6 years ago Wikileaks would announce they had received some documents and will publish them without too much fuzz around the subject.

Moreover, back then Wikileaks didn’t take sides like they seem to be doing now and they definitely didn’t fancy Putin over Obama or anyone else. All I see nowadays from the attitude adopted by Assange is a personal vendetta and nothing more.

Friend stabbing young woman in similar jump suits from behind