Technology shorts #1 03/05/2024

Homelab enthusiasts like me debate the worst mistakes they’ve made along their journey so far. Windows users have been a target for ongoing attacks originating from Russian APTs and it seems that the situation is so dire that Microsoft had to issue a warning On the FreeBSD Foundation website you can find a case study

Bloggers’ Sale from Namecheap

During the week of 7th of May and 13th of May Namecheap has prepared a lot of deals for bloggers like me and you. Save up to 97% in Bloggers’ Week Choose the perfect home for your blog. Launch your blog or website in minutes on the world’s most popular platform. Powerful, sophisticated, and adaptable,

VMware support merged to Broadcom Support

Earlier today I received this email to my VMware account, fortunately I switched all my ESXi infrastructure to Proxmox over the past months: Dear Valued VMware Customer,  Broadcom Inc. recently acquired VMware (Press Release) and as a result of the acquisition, all VMware support accounts (ie. VMware Customer Connect) are being migrated to Broadcom’s support

Porkbun is the worst registrar ever

Over the years I’ve had domains registered with various registrars and I still have domains with like 5-6 registrars because it’s almost impossible to consolidate them into one. Some don’t offer country specific TLD’s like .ro or .es and some offer those, but for three times the actual price. So at some point I decided