Always read the fine print

It’s funny how all the shit Yahoo! has been keeping under the carpet is coming out now, after Verizon has purchased it.

I wonder if, when talking business the folks at Verizon took into consideration that their binding contract might also include a fine print that they didn’t actually understand or that they didn’t bother to read.

After all if word gets out that the company you just bought was subject to a hack that exposed hundreds of millions of accounts it obviously cannot be good news. When speculations talk about up to 3 billion accounts exposed by the hack (probably all the active accounts Yahoo! once had) then it’s ought to be bad business.

Yet again when news breaks out that the company you just bought was illegally screening emails for intelligence agencies violating a handful of state laws and international treaties as well as at least two important articles of human rights then you can just say that you just threw $4.8 billion out the window.

For me it’s still unclear as to what was the actual intention of Verizon after purchasing Yahoo!, unless they made this purchase just to get rid of some future competition given that Yahoo! was slowly going down the drain anyhow. After all, these recent disclosures don’t just damage Yahoo!’s already messed up image, but also damage the image of Verizon and it’s subsidiaries.


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