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Misinterpreting the words

Out of all people the journalists have the capability to misinterpret one’s words and turn them around so they can create a killer headline out of them. Following a discussion in which Trumps irresponsible attitude towards the supposed Russian hack behind the Clinton and DNC email leaks was debated, the folks over at Washington Post

I’d fuck her – Jessica Jaymes [NSFW]

Because we all love them babes and would fuck her if possible I’m gonna post from time to time some pics of babes I’d fuck because I’m pretty sure you would too. The first babe on my list is Jessica Jaymes, pornstar at But enough with the small talk, here’s the pics:  

TV & Reality (#1)

The newest TV series are full of bullshit when it comes to technology and the use of devices. For instance in NCSI Tim McGee was once doing traceroutes and directory listings under MSDOS and for the rest of the world he was “hacking” some other agency or a suspects PC. In CSI Cyber, probably the

Who saw this coming?

According to an article from ADSL Zone [ES], the HTTP/2 protocol has severe security flaws that put up to 85 million sites at risk. I must admit that I didn’t see this coming given that following extensive patches in the standard HTTP protocol you’d expect the next generation one to be much more secure. Fortunately

Install Froxlor on Debian Jessie

I’ve been dealing with this as I wanted to test out Froxlor as a control panel after going through VestaCP and Sentora so I wanted to share my experience and help out with additional indications given the fact that the official documentation is outdated and partially incorrect. So first things first. Install Debian Jessie using