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Recommended links #5

I know it’s Sunday and that’s why I’m giving you this list now, so that you have what to read tomorrow morning when you drink your coffee: 15 great cronjob examples; The UNIX haters’ handbook; Why Wi-Fi kinda’ sucks; 7 best Drupal 8 themes; Differences between PHP: Notices, Warnings, Exceptions & Errors; A Blockchain in

Free Photo Editing Software From Corel

The folks at Corel have decided to give their Aftershot 3 photo editing software for free: The software is available both for Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded just select the directories where it should save it’s temporary files and fill in the serial key provided by Corel to unlock

Recommended links #4

Since I don’t have time to do weekly recommendations and also keep up posting here as I’m focusing on other projects at the same time I will make recommendations whenever possible. Here’s the 4th batch of recommended links: A brief history of UNIX; In case you didn’t know, there’s a subreddit for sysadmin jobs at

New domain transfer policy

Starting with 12/01 ICANN will enforce a new domain transfer policy. With some registrars this was already enforced internally, but now it’s gonna get enforced globally. What this means is that when a registrant performs an update to the registered name, organization or email address for any gTLD (non-country code) domain they own, a Change