Retargeting becomes more intrusive and lame

I first fell ‘victim’ to retargeting with Chinese websites like Aliexpress or Lightinthebox where you couldn’t access a product without starting to receive tons of spam about similar products. And when I say spam I mean literally tons of spam!

So I started unsubscribing from every possible newsletter from the Chinese websites and the spamming stopped, for a while. Amazon took over and is sending me recommendations based upon my wishlist, like once every week. I used to review those recommendations, but 9 out of 10 are bad and useless.

However above everything Amazon was fair with that as it was only giving me recommendations based upon products I was clearly interested in and added them to my wishlist.

Yet again, two weeks back I had to buy some stuff from eBay, which I use as a last resort simply because the folks over there are idiots. And I mean literally idiots since this still happens and it happened yesterday without reason AGAIN.

Amongst the things I saw on eBay while searching for what I needed was something called “VIA network server” which made me curious as I wanted to learn what the hell that was without the intention of actually purchasing it.

One week later eBay sends me an email to tell me it’s price was reduced, although I didn’t add it to any watch list, wishlist or otherwise:

Because hell yea’ if I saw an article out of curiosity I must seriously be interested in buying it.