Monthly Archive:: September 2016

Last week of discounts from MisterDomain

MisterDomain is an italian based domain and webhosting provider that throws on the market some good deals from time to time. This month they ran a domain special with several extensions at discounted pricing: If you need to get some of these extensions then hurry up and get them while they are available because on

IP blocks have become useless

I keep seeing posts on forums and also getting support requests that reference adding manual IP blocks although doing so is obsolete and useless. Ever since the botnets started to be a thing and the IP allocation space increased just to be nearly maxed out today it was pretty clear that blocking IP’s by hand

Setup mailcow with Let’s Encrypt

A while back, while searching for a good mail server suite I came across mailcow which was built based on the following open source software: Postfix Dovecot Nginx/Apache2 Spamassassin ClamAV MariaDB/MySQL OpenDKIM Roundcube SabreDAV Given that the suite looked promising and that the screenshots convinced me that it had a modern interface I decided to