Monthly Archive:: October 2016

Deactivate the “Debug” NOW

I was looking through the source of one of the WordPress sites I own the other day and made a rather curious discovery. Apparently W3 Total Cache (a plugin I only use on two sites as it works better with Memcached) had “Debug” turned on for all types of caching and was printing as HTML

A new project

Let me tell you a little bit about how I ended up investing some resources in a project I didn’t plan before. Two days ago I found in my feed a post from a forum where some user was giving a link to a dirt cheap domain + hosting offer launched by some Spanish provider.

The online El Dorado

I’ve been lurking some forums for years and I’ve seen all sorts of people, websites and projects come and go. The majority of those willing to start an online project are motivated by the fact that others could do it and after doing it they are living a fancy life financed only by a handful

That moment when…

…a┬ácommon sense worldwide cause becomes a personal vendetta! I’ve been a fan of the Wikileaks ever since it’s launch and considered it as a reference movement for our times. However the statements made by Julian Assange lately have left a really bad taste, given the fact that nearly everything he said about the latest releases