New Facebook extortion method

A Chilean online portal writes about a new extortion method propagated via Facebook, Linkedin and probably other social media sites.

The report talks about the story behind the experience a 40 year old spaniard had after adding on Facebook a girl he didn’t actually know.

Apparently, behind the girl’s profile might be Nigerian or Senegalese mafias which are nowadays using social media to extort money out of imprudent men.

The whole story begins with a completely normal and usually aged Facebook profile of a good looking girl, which sends friend requests to men with profiles suggesting more or less their potential wealth. Then, once they fall in the trap the girls engage in sexual chats using the Facebook messenger.

After gathering enough input from the victim the extortion begins as the victim is requested to send certain amounts of money to an African bank account.

When the men deny the claim they are being told that the girl is actually underage and pedophile charges will be filed against them, a pretty persuasive method I must add.

It’s pretty obvious that such digital thieves have the intelligence to extrapolate these methods and use new methods in order to lure naive men into their traps.

Bottom line is that you should never trust online profiles unless you really know who’s behind them. For the sake of having lots of online friends don’t just friend everyone that’s too good looking, because it might backfire in the worst way possible.